How it works ?

Following steps to be followed by Applicants/ LTPs while submitting any drawing for Server based drawing scrutiny system.
1. Applicants/ LTPs/ Architects to register once on portal.
2. Registered applicants will login to portal and selects required institute while submission.
3. Provides necessary information along with drawing.
4. Get the application Reference Number after complete submission.
5. Submitted application will go in queue for automatic drawing scrutiny.
6. Applicant will get notification after completion of scrutiny.
7. The applicants will get there scrutiny report online using their Reference Number.
8. There are no resubmission in this portal. Submit it fresh, if need to get it scrutinized again for any means/ purposes.

Disclaimer : Few drawings may be shifted automatically to the manual scrutiny mode due to failure of any third party application, wrong/invalid data inputs or exceptionally large file size.